Friday, August 28, 2009

Some favorite photos

I'm good at finding photos I love (and I mean LOVE!) on the net and losing them again. Today, I came across a few I've been searching high and low for as well as some new ones.

This photograph just draws me in. I could stare at it for hours. I want to be on that ridge with the wind whistling around me, feeling the sand nick my skin, as the sun sets. It has a lonely, almost apocalyptic feel, yet peaceful and only slightly melancholy. I just love the quality of light. Shot by Jason J. Corneveaux.

This another one done by Jason. Again, it's more surreal, but I find it playful.

This is a new favorite. I actually gasped when I saw it. It won Panoramio's First Prize in Scenery and no wonder. I'd give up toes to be able to take pictures like this, maybe for just one picture like this. Taken by FWWS in the Ukraine, you can see more of his work on his Panoramio page. Trust me, this is not an isolated instance of great talent.

And now I have to go find a photograph I lost while tracking down all the links for this post.


Art said...

Jason has some great pictures. He really likes HDRI. Another great photographer I found on Panoramio is Adam Elliott. He is also a decent writer. I really enjoy reading his blog.

Audra said...

Thanks for the link. I checked out his site. Great pictures and good blog too. Almost made me want to visit the tropics. The insects scare the crap out of me, tho. I'm not sure what I would do if I saw the ground move with insects.

Art said...

He has some good posts recently about his travels in Utah. Some of them remind me of Stephen King stories.

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