Friday, April 16, 2010


Thanks to a member of a photography group I belong to, I found this site, CreativeLive. Based out of Seattle, they offer online classes in a variety of subjects although it looks like photography is the mail focus.  If you watch the classes live they are free, if you would like to watch at another time or keep the lessons for later use, you may purchase the course.  I signed up for a couple of courses.  A 10 week Fundamentals of Digital Photography course and a 3 week Creative Eye course taught by Art Wolfe.  The Fundamentals course is $79 while the course is running and $129 after it is over.  A price will be listed for the Creative course once it has started.  I'm excited to learn and grow and maybe end some frustration.  I'm not sure I can attend all the courses or that Calissa will let me listen to the whole thing, but I'm gonna learn something!  It looks like they have portions of the class available for viewing on the site too.  I watched the first 10 minutes of the Fundamentals course and wish I could devote the time today to the rest, but chores must be done.

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