Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Cat

My hubby and I have a 14 yr old domestic cat named Ebe. She's a great cat. Full of personality and attitude and love and mischief. She's always been really healthy. Until just after Christmas. She's losing weight, sleeping more than normal, not eating as much, sitting and laying funny, and is very, very snuggly. We had a bunch of blood work done, but it only told us what wasn't wrong. She doesn't seem to be suffering from any infections or viruses, her kidneys and liver are fine, and her thyroid is normal. That leaves us with some sort of digestional disorder. To determine what kind, we need to get an ultrasound done at around $500, which we don't have. I've tried to get insurance for her, but she's too old for all the but the ones that take the most advantage. I don't know what we are going to do. My vet in Colorado would let us run a balance, but our new vet here in AZ won't. It's a shame, cuz in a few weeks we would have the money. I'm sure if we don't do something fast, we'll lose our sweet kitty. The whole thing is keeping me up at night.

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